Welcome to the new Hoverboard Studios!

We are pleased to announce the launching of our new Hoverboard Studios website and blog!

Case Studies

We have complete case studies for Superior Campers and Standard Distributing; two of the websites we’ve created, breaking down the goals, technologies and results.

The Blog

Matt and I will be sharing our thoughts on the web industry on the Hoverboard Blog. We will be talking about Web Marketing and things that will help you keep your business successful online. For the Web Designer & Developers out there, we will also be writing about some of the more technical parts of the web.

Article Roundups

In the past I’ve created article roundups on my site, but moving forward, these posts will now live here. Every Friday I select the most relevant and exciting articles of the week and compile them in one, easy to read post. If you enjoy them, let your friends know! 🙂


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Contact Us

Have a project already in mind but don’t know where to start? Looking for some advice or a quote on a branding revamp? Have an idea for an app but feel lost?

Send us a quick note about your upcoming project and we will be happy to help!